segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2012

I Want to Be a Missionary!

Whether you want to serve on the field as a long-term missionary, or want to serve for a week or two as a short-term missionary, Foursquare Missions International wants to partner with you. Here’s how you can get plugged in to our missions opportunities.

Short-term Missions Trips

Short-term missions trips, called GO Teams, are geared for adults, NextGen students, medical teams, construction teams and teaching teams. The planning of these trips is taken care of by Foursquare Missions International. All you need to do is sign up, pay up and show up.

Long-term Missionaries

Is God calling you to relocate to another country to serve as a missionary on a more permanent basis? We have many needs that need to be filled around the world. Let Foursquare Missions International serve as your support team, from training to support while you are on the field.


Q: I’d like to serve God as a missionary; what do I do first?

A: First, identify what type of ministry you are called to. Then we will equip you with the details you need and help you get prepared to go.

Q: What kind of training does FMI offer?

A: FMI provides some of the best training around for those looking to become a long-term missionary. Descriptions, requirements, cost and information about FMI training events are available at You will also find contact information to support you in becoming prepared to take the love of Jesus Christ to the world.