sábado, 9 de janeiro de 2010

Glorious - By Paul Baloche

Integrity Music; $13.99; CD

New Jersey native Paul Baloche's latest release, Glorious, marks his ninth solo album, featuring some major-name songwriting collaborations in its 11-song set. On first listen, I was astounded when I heard an audience clapping and participating, because the audio quality is so excellent—better than many studio albums. But more important than the excellence in recording and musicianship are the biblical foundations of the lyrics, which are refreshing and uplifting.

The title track is co-written by Brenton Brown and features a rousing chorus. By the end of the song, everyone has burst into an anthemic chant declaring the glory of God. It is a fitting entry to this album, which moves from strength to strength. My current favorite track is "Shaken," penned by Baloche's wife, Rita. "Everything that can be will be shaken," sings Baloche before proclaiming, "Only You remain!"

In my mind, the key theme of this release is the kingship of Christ. Thus, not surprisingly, the cross takes center stage in the simple, powerful chorus of "To the Cross."

We have enjoyed the talent and passion Baloche has brought to worship for two decades, and this collection of songs seems to be the pinnacle of his work so far. In his own words: "I've tried to wipe the 'Etch A Sketch' clean for this record and force myself to go deeper in this season of my life, wrestling with the words and music that will help congregations connect with God to help strengthen their relationships, families and communities."

If you're hungry for personal worship that leads you on a journey from the first realization of His glory, to the cross, and on to the beauty of the church arising to sing a new hallelujah—or if you are a pastor or lead worshiper looking for new, Scriptural worship songs—I fully recommend and encourage you to check this one out.

Reviewed by: Jonathan Griffiths, assistant pastor, Cornerstone Worship Center in Nampa, Idaho