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Missionaries: National Leader - Colombia Charismatic

Edward & Martha Leal

Pastor Edward Leal was born 1968 in the city of Bogotá, Colombia, being the major among six brothers. While he was finishing his secondary studies he heard about the Gospel of Jesus and received him as personal Savior in 1986.

Our Strategy to Reach the Nation

Since 70 percent of the population is under the age of 25, one of the primary goals is to empower the young people to become witnesses to their generation. There is an increased sense of urgency and there are more young people being trained for missions, both inside and outside the country. An other important approach is to fortify and train university youths so they can reach with the Gospel of Jesus to their companions of study.

Each district in Colombia has the goal of opening new churches during 2006. The pace of church multiplication has increased as the Lord has blessed much. Leadership development is extremely important.
One way of starting new churches is by sending evangelistic teams to cities where there are no churches, first starting with small groups and developing them to become churches.

The creation and development of Bible schools is also a primary goal.

The Need In Colombia

Some churches are growing fast and they need new facilities. More and better leaders and pastors is a big necessity.
Pastors conferences are an essential part of the strategy to educate and train pastors and leaders. Qualified pastors are needed on a short-term basis as In-Service Leadership Training (ILT) instructors. Sponsors for the training seminars are needed as well.

Leaders greatly need wisdom and discernment as pastors and leaders deal with the tensions and realities of violence and guerrilla warfare in different parts of the country.

Join Us In Prayer

•Colombia is suffering deep political strife as well as spiritual bondage. Ask the Lord to protect pastors and missionaries in the midst of the violence and evil in this nation.
•Stand in the gap against all those who conspire to hinder the gospel through intimidation and that God would render evil plans against the Church ineffective.
•Pray for the release of finances to begin new works in the targeted cities and for new pastors to be trained.
•Ask the Lord to strengthen and reinforce the continuing education program for pastors, as well as provide new strategies and opportunities of growth in this area.
•There is a great desire among the leaders to see a new and a more intense move of the Holy Spirit among the believers. Pray for wonders and miracles while the Word of God is preached.

Country Statistics

Founded By:
Paul Anderson and Claire Martin

Year Founded:

439,735 sq. mi.



98% Christian (94% Roman Catholic, 4% Protestant)
2% Non-religious/other

Annual Report:
369,541 Decisions
21,022 Water Baptisms
286 New Churches
869 Total Churches
127,388 Members