terça-feira, 17 de novembro de 2009

Foursquare Missions International: BRAZIL

Our Strategy to Reach the Nation

Foursquare Brazil is one of the largest national Foursquare movements in the world, with over 8,000 churches, in addition to approximately 7,000 other congregations and meeting places.

Evangelism continues to be one of the top priorities. Two areas where evangelism has been planned are in the northeast region, as well as the hidden people groups along the Amazon River. Major media outreach, through strategic radio and television regional initiatives, has also produced fruit and growth in certain regions.

Another priority is to train and educate pastors. In-Service Leadership Training seminars are being developed for this purpose, as well as the restructuring of Bible institute curriculums.

The Need In Brazil

Foursquare Brazil is more than four times the size of Foursquare in the United States. Partnership is needed in developing leaders in reaching the hidden people groups in Brazil and in reaching the rest of the world for Christ.

Join Us In Prayer
•Pray for the state/district boards as well as the national departments as they oversee many responsibilities.
•Extreme poverty has been a challenge for church growth. Pray for continued efforts to plant churches in the northeast part of the country.
•Pray that the youth in Brazil, who make up approximately 50 percent of the population, will be reached for Christ.
•Pray for Brazilian missionaries as they continue to serve in different continents and for Brazilian missions leadership as they oversee processes and missionary personnel.
•As a new cell-group church model is adopted, pray that the pastors will have renewed focus, re-ignited evangelism, further discipleship and church growth.
Country Statistics
Founded By:
Harold Williams

Year Founded:

3,286,488 sq. mi.



92% Christian (68% Roman Catholic, 21% Protestant, 2% Other Catholic, 1% Marginal)
5% Spiritists
2% Non-religious/other

Annual Report:
731,821 Decisions
248,230 Water Baptisms
331 New Churches
7,708 Total Churches
2,779,360 Members