segunda-feira, 14 de setembro de 2009

Sri Lanka believers caught in cross-fire

I recently returned from Sri Lanka. And although I'm encouraged at the wonderful leadership our Foursquare family there has, and at the ongoing fruitful outreaches and leadership development, I'm saddened by the ongoing situation in the Northern part of the country. Here is an update:
Eight Foursquare pastors and about 600 members are currently trapped in Northern Sri Lanka—in the area that is most affected by the fighting between the Sri Lankan Army and the "Tamil Tiger" group. Civilians are not being allowed to leave the area and communication with them is carefully monitored and very spotty. Many people in the area have been killed or wounded and it is literally a war zone. Bodies are frequently left lying as people run for their lives. Food is scarce and people are doing whatever they can to survive. Those that are able to get out are put into poorly tended refugee camps with unsanitary conditions and lack of medical care and supplies. Many people have lost limbs and are not receiving proper medical treatment. FMI has sent relief funds to help at this time, but more is needed. Reverend George Niranjan, the Foursquare general supervisor, has made several trips to the refugee camps, bringing supplies and doing what can be done. But at present there is no way to know if the 8 pastors and 600 people in the North will be able to get out or not.
Please partner with us in prayer in the following ways:
Pray for protection over our Foursquare family members and all those in the war zone.
Pray for encouragement for the believers and that the hearts of non-believers would be drawn to Christ through them during this time.
Pray that doors will be opened so that sufficient medical care and provision will be given to those affected.
Ask the Lord to bring the fighting and the war to a conclusion (pray big).
Bind the spiritual forces of wickedness that are at work in the situation.
Pray that the situation will be turned around for God's glory and purposes and that the grace and love of God would be poured out over Sri Lanka.
Blessings and thank you!
Wayne D.FMI South Asia