sábado, 25 de julho de 2009

The Conquest of the Land. --Deut. 1:8

INTRODUCTION-- God had made an alliance with Abraão and gave to it land to it of Canaã. (Gn. 15:13 - 21). Many years if had passed and the Word of God if it fulfilled. The people of God under the leadership of Moisés arrived at the limits of the Engaged Land and there the promise was remembered: - The land that Mr. with oath gave its parents. It had given the land to you. It was a fact: The land is yours. (Land = job, health, marriage, prosperity). But an order appears then: - You enter and you possessed the land. You conquer the land. Here it is there the order of God! -- After the death of Moisés, the people now under the leadership of Joshua, hears an order again: - He raises you, therefore now, he passes this Jordão, you and all this people, passes this Jordão for the land that I give to the children of Israel. All the place that to step on the plant of your foot I gave, you, as I said the Moisés. (Js. 1:2 - 3) Ahead of these read texts, it seems to have a contradiction. How God can declare that the land is yours? E later defying. You enter and you possessed the land. We can until thinking that it has a contradiction. However, we know that the Bible is not contradicted. God thinks and acts in a different way of ours. Isaiah 55:8 - 9: - Because my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor your ways my ways, say you, because, as well as skies are higher of what the land, thus my higher ways of what your ways, and my higher thoughts of what your thoughts. We need to discover the thoughts of manifest Gods in Its Word. In ours in case that, of men and women, safe for Mr. Jesuses, bought for Its blood, God also it made a promise. God through Jesus Christ, made an alliance with us. --We did not make NOTHING to deserve this. God for Its great love for the humanity gave Jesus to die for us and redeeming in them. Jesus pulled out in them of the slavery of the devil and in he gave a NEW LIFE to them. God in promised to an abundant life in all the aspects to them and TODAY we go to see as possessing in them of it, praying so that the Espirito Santo illuminates in them and it leads in them to a TREMENDOUS VICTORY. Giving is of God, but conquering is ours. God already in gave to EVERYTHING in Christ Jesus to them, but we have that to conquer these things. With he can be this? We have that to take ownership of each blessing bought for we, back in the cross of the Calvário. --These blessings are ours for right, but we will not go to usufruct of none of them, while we not appropriating in them of them. In first place we need to know that blessings are these, and in according to place taking ownership of them. The GAL. 3:13 - Dt. 28:1 - 15. Let us assume that somebody opens a matching-fund saving account in its name and you it does not take knowledge of this. You are passing for necessity, and that money would be a blessing for you. It decides its problem? NOT! Why? Because he lacks the knowledge to it. Nobody can draw that money. It is its. That you do not only know that it is its. Now, we go to imagine that you know that somebody deposited this money in its account, and do not go to remove this money in the bank. He goes to advance some thing to have this money and not to go to the bank to remove it to supply its necessities? CLEARLY THAT NOT! So that the problem is decided, two things need to be made: 1- To take knowledge of the fact. 2- To go to search what it belongs to it. All the inexhaustible wealth of God already had been given in them in Christ. But, while we not to take knowledge of each one of them and to take ownership of each one of them, we we will live as if they did not belong in them. It has a history, happened in Russia, during the years of terrible persecutions to the Christians: A young was going to one of the clandestine meetings of a church, at night. E a guard arrived until it and wanted to know it where went. If it said, with certainty would be imprisoned, not only it, but the group all. It was Christian and she could not lie. In this hour the Espirito Santo came in its aid and it said: He knows, he is that my older brother died and in this night all our family goes to read the will, and I want to know the part that is mine of this will. IT SAID THE PUREST TRUTH. --Jesus is our older brother. The family is the Church. The will is the Word of God. A will alone has value when the bequeather dies. Jesus already died and Its Will is in full vigor. We can take ownership of that it is in it. That one that is in Christ, becomes inheriting of all the things. Rm. 8:17, if we are children, we are also inheriting, inheriting of God and co-heirs with Christ. God wants that Its people if raises against the adversaries and takes ownership of what he is its, conquering the territory that belongs to it.? What we see in the way of the Church, is one confronts what Christ made for us. We see many sick people, enslaved, with its souls wounded, changed back for the devil. We cannot continue thus. JESUS PAID a HIGH PRICE VERY, so that? So that in all the things let us be more than what winning. Rm 8:37 We have that to give one IT IS ENOUGH, and to discover what is happening and to move of route. The Word of God says that Jesus came stops in giving to life and life to them in abundance.? João 10:10 Clearly that if you are living a life with depressions, needing to take compressed to sleep, full of sadness and lamentations, full of murmurações and hurts, crying to each esquina, knows that is not this that God wants for you. HE HAS AN ABUNDANT LIFE FOR THE GOD CHILDREN. --Our ignorance to the Word of God is that in them it becomes easy canine tooth of being been deceptive by the devil. It always wants to steal what he is ours for right. It wants keeping in them as beggars, when we are Children of the King. It wants making defeated in them, when the victory already is ours. The hour of the people of God arrived to give one IS ENOUGH to the devil. Our eyes spirituals are being opened for the revelation of the Word of God. Glory the God, us we will launch for land the arrests of the Satan and will enter in the full ownership of what he is ours for inheritance, in Jesus Christ. Dn. 11:32. The people who knows its God will become fort and make feats.? E we have the certainty of that God will protect in them in our conquest that is ours for right. Dt. 33:27: -? The perpetual God is your habitation, and underneath they are the perpetual arms; it launched the enemy of ahead of you and said: HE DESTROYS It. He has a battle. When we enter for the side of Jesus, us we enter in war with the devil, our enemy, the enemy of the Children of God. Then he has enemies to be loosers. Who are they? THE SATAN AND ALL ITS DEMONS. Ef. 6:12: -? Therefore it is not against meat and blood that we have that to fight, but yes against the principalities, the powers, the princes of the world of these darknesses, against the troops spirituals of the iniquity in the celestial regions. The Satan if raise against us of all the half ones stop defeating in them. It is a battle of life or death. We need to know to discern the origin from the conflicts, not to be fighting with the wrong enemy. Our true enemy is the DEVIL. The circumstances are not the people nor. They are the canals that the Satan use for this fight. CONCLUSION--We have that to understand that our fight is spiritual and that for this we need to use weapons spirituals. Jesus already defeated the devil. It was to the front and won the Satan, its princes and powers. He won the hell. Aleluia! Jesus already destronou the devil. Already he broke its authority. Jesus took off the insignias of the Satan and its troops, broke the power to them and authority displayed and them to the disdain. (CL. 2:10, 12,14 and 15) This in the ones of the courage, in the ones of the ousadia to say well high: Greater is that one that is in us, of what that one that is in the world. (I João 4:4) We have the weapons to be successful. We have the power of God. The Spirit Mr. attends in them. The victory is ours! The kingdom is ours! We are in the time of the end and the Satan know of this. The Satan are despaired knowing that little time remains to it, therefore the world are having a terrible invasion of demons.